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Posting a news article



1. Log into Web-platform (using same credentials as GMS)

2. Go to dashboard (using button in admin header at top of page)

3. Upload any images you need to the Media library.

Before you can use any images in the article you need to have loaded them into the Media Library.  To do this go to 'Media', select the appropriate folder and click import.

Put images in the appropriate folder either in the appropriate 'Teams' folder, Ccreate a new folder for match-reports, or for one-off news articles use the 'News Images' folder

For most DSLR images - prior to including them on a page, they need to be resized (it improves performance if this is done in the Media library rather than just shrinking the image on a page).  To do this select the image, and click image editor.  For general inline images a width of 800px works well.

4. Create the news article

From the left-menu, select New -> News Article

Enter title, and add image

If you want the image to appear in the news carousel at the top of the homepage - check the box "Featured News".  Only do this for articles with good quality images of about the right size/shape for the homepage (they get cropped).  There are some standard images in the "Site Images" folder of the Media Library.  The features new carousel displays the 3 most recently edited 'featured' articles

Click TWICE on the text which begins "Please enter your page detail here..."  until it is bordered by a green box titled '"HTML"

Click on the "</>" symbol next to the word HTML - an editing dialog should display.

Edit your news article. You can insert images and change fonts etc. from the toolbar at the top of the dialog.  When finished click "Save", the dialog will close.

Save and publish the article by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the page.

5. Add a notification (optional)

If you want to keep a link on the homepage for a defined period of time, you can optionally also create a notification (one of the blue boxes beneath the featured news.

Get the permalink URL for the article you have just created (this is automatically created once you save the article and can be seen just beneath the title field)

From the left-menu, select New -> Notification

Enter the title for the notification (generally the same as the title of the news article) and the URL (the news item permalink).  The body can be left blank, if you specify a URL it's not used.

Specify the date range for which you want the notification displayed in the ValidFrom/ValidTo field. ValidFrom will usually be today's date.

6. Check the article appears on the homepage, any links (e.g. the notification) work and cosmetically the site still looks awesome.







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